Megan Gordon


A Lifetime in Color

From red, blue or ombre colored hair to perfect grey coverage or natural highlights, lowlights, multi-tone shades, thinning or natural hair extensions: Is there something you want to know?

For decades Megan Gordon has been quietly and expertly creating gorgeous, luminescent hair color on the Upper West Side. Like many of her clients, she's also an UWS mom. Now with 2 teenage daughters at LaGuardia HS, her hair and beauty advice is more sought after than ever.

Ask Me Anything

I look forward to giving you a reply. ~Megan

Work and Clients

As a consummate professional, Megan makes her work look easy. She has a natural way of putting people at ease, and her attention to detail is renowned. At the same time, she has a genuine commitment to the health of her clients' hair and brings a deep understanding of the stages women go through with their hair.

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In Loving Memory of Guillaume Gignac

At 18 Megan's first job in a salon was at Guillame Coiffure, on 55th Street off 5th Avenue. She worked for years as an apprentice for the owner, a French-Canadian, Master Stylist. "He was handsome, sophisticated, charming, and very talented. Guillaume was my first mentor who taught me what it meant to be a professional, and he taught me the value of taking special care of my clients. He will always be in my heart." ~Megan

"Most Talented" by Allure

Soon after TwoDo Salon opened it's doors, Megan was discovered by Allure Magazine who named her one of the most talented hair colorists in the country.

"No matter what kind of color you're after, Gordon works quickly... The experience is remarkably pleasant."