100% Natural
Hair Extensions

High Quality Human Hair

Getting Started With Extensions​​

Preliminary Meeting 15 min
Extension Consultation 45 min

Start with a complimentary meeting to understand if extensions are right for you. If you decide to continue and get extensions at TwoDo, we'll book an Extension Consultation appointment for you with Megan.

Accents and Colors​

30 min
Minimum 45 min
Medium 1 hr 15 min
Maximum 2 hrs

Accent Extensions are used in sections to add custom color, bangs or length in strategic sections of your hair. Accent Extensions use between 30 and 60 attachmenets and cost between $250 and $500.

Volumizing Extensions

1/4 Volume 3 hrs
1/2 Length 4 hrs
3/4 Length 5 hrs
Full Volume 6 hrs

With Volumizing Extensions you can add dramatic fullness or thickness. It's an ideal solution for hair that is naturally fine, thin or thinning. For immediate bounce and body try 1/2 to 3/4 head of volumizing extensions. There are many natural shades and textures to blend perfectly with your hair. Application time and the number of attachments is determined by the amount of fullness you desire. Volumizing Extensions use between 75 and 250 attachments and cost between $600 and $2800.