Precision Cutting

Knowing our Clients and our Craft

Things we'll need to ask

We want to know you; how do you see yourself and how do you feel about your hair? Do you love it, or is it a hassle? Do you just "wash and go" or do you spend serious time on it for work or events? Do you use hair products, do you have the right ones, and how much product will you honestly use at home, even to achieve your most desired look? Finally, we'll ask about your activities and lifestyle as they affect how we'll cut and style your hair.

Other things we'll observe

Our stylists will consider a myriad of other factors when working with you to create a great look. First we'll observe the health, volume and texture of your hair; the shape of your face, how it grows from your scalp and how it falls (or stands up) on your head.

Timeless Beauty or Edgy Style

To consistently create amazing haircuts time and again, you need 3 things:

  1. talent
  2. technique and
  3. experience

Our stylists have all three, and the desire to make you look and feel your best!