Art & Science of Coloring

A color salon you can trust

An extraordinary team with years of experience

Founded by Master Colorist, Megan Gordon, TwoDo has always been first and foremost a premium color salon you can trust. With an expert team and so many years of experience, finding a new hair colorists doesn't have to be nerve racking.

Start with a free consultation

Are you thinking about making a change your color? Schedule a free 15 minute consultation with no obligation or pressure to book an appointment. Be ready to ask questions and bring pictures or magazine clippings to show what you're imagining. You'll know if you're speaking to an expert and someone you can work with.

You and your hair turning heads

We'll help you achieve the healthiest and most radiant hair you can imagine for yourself. Whether you're looking for vibrant-sexy color or rich-sophisticated tones, the end-result will be your beautiful hair that draws comments and literally turns heads.