Hair Sessions featuring Dr. Jen

Posted on May 25, 2015

As TwoDo approaches 21 years on the UWS, I find myself reflecting on the beautiful community of clients and special friendships that have become part of my life here. I hope you enjoy these short interviews we call "Hair Sessions" featuring some of my favorite people in the world talking about important things, and of course their hair.


Our first interview features the incomparable redhead, Dr. Jennifer Hartstein. A family and child psychologist and a television contributor, she particularly works on the empowerment of young girls. Jennifer has been a TwoDo client for over 15 years!

TwoDo interviews Dr. Jennifer Hartstein

TwoDo: What different hairstyles have you tried, and how have they affected the way you felt about yourself, your confidence, etc?

Dr Jen: My hair has been pretty much the same for a long time...goes a little longer or a little shorter, but I embrace the curls and just have fun. When I first started coming to Megan I had a short, pixie like cut. I can get hair-impulsive...but haven't for a while. Hmmm....maybe it's time?

I think hair is really an extension of who we are and is such a great way to show off personality and style. My hair definitely reflects me. And, a good hair day? Nothing beats it.

TwoDo: What was your worst hairstyle ever? (If you dare to share!)

Dr. Jen: It's been a while...but the growing in process from short to long was painful. Similar to the time I had to grow out that Dorothy Hammill when I was a kid.

TwoDo: How do you think your hair influences your self-esteem and potentially even the way the world perceives you?

Dr. Jen: I think hair can definitely influence how one feels about him/herself and that is true for me. As someone who is in the public eye, at times, there is a need to look polished and together...from my head on down. People expect that. When that doesn't all come together, it can cause people to question my credibility or professionalism. Who wants that?

TwoDo: What is your daily hair regimen? (include any fun products that you particularly love)

Dr. Jen: I have a pretty simple hair routine. After I shower, during which I shampoo every couple of days but condition daily, I just diffuse and go. One day I'll learn how to use a curling iron so I can have more fun with my curls. For now, it's just loose and fancy free.

TwoDo: What is your relationship with Megan in particular, and what does it mean to you?

Dr. Jen: My relationship with Megan is really special. We've known each other a long time and have created and shared lots of memories. We can be one another's therapist, gossip columnist and friend. It's unbeatable.

It's a family affair. My mom, my dad, and my husband all come. TwoDo is a special place.

TwoDo: Do you have any specific memories of experiences with Megan or at TwoDo?

Dr. Jen: There are so many...talking about dating, prepping me for my wedding, lots of parties to plan for and discuss. The most salient memory, though, is from 9/11. Of course, the city was in crisis and no one knew what to do or where to be. I came from the East Side to be with my mom, who was due to have an appointment with Megan. She called the salon and we were told to come in. We spent that Tuesday morning, 9/11, together with a TV in the back room busying ourselves with color. As a result, and despite everything else, we will be connected forever.

Megan: That experience in particular was so moving for all of us, and the fact that my clients and community took refuge in my salon… that was truly amazing to me, in such a dark time. Every day I’m so proud of my work, and my clients’ work, and the way we support each other. I’m looking forward to sharing more in the coming weeks!