Tame Frizzy Hair for Good

Posted on June 11, 2014

Now that it’s summer chances are you’re dealing with the season’s biggest hair hassle (and women’s number one hair complaint): frizzies. That’s because heat and humidity cause the hair shaft to absorb moisture and swell which causes the shingle-like scales of the outer cuticle layer to rise up and look frizzy. While those with wavy and curly hair are particularly prone to the problem, any hair texture—even fine and straight -- can suffer from frizz when the temperature and humidity rise. For the ultimate solution, learn more about Brazilian and Keratin Smoothing Treatments which can last for months.


Short of putting your hair in a bun all summer, there’s a lot you can do on a daily basis to cut down on frizz. Getting a trim will help and so will using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, since dry, damaged hair is more prone to frizz. It’s also important to handle hair gently and apply an anti-frizz, smoothing product like a silicone based serum to your hair while it’s still damp and before heat styling. Once a week use a deep conditioning mask—it will seal the cuticle and protect hair from damage.

If you’re looking for a long term solution to your frizz—one that will last you all summer-- a Brazilian keratin smoothing treatment is the way to go. It completely eliminates frizz and leaves hair looking super smooth and shiny for 2-4 months. Keratin treatments take about 2 to 3 hours but they're worth the time and expense if you don't want to fight with your hair all summer long. The treatment works by sealing gaps in the hair cuticle with added keratin (a protein found naturally in the hair). It's important to research and find safe, effective smoothing treatments because not every salon follows manufacturer or industry guidelines.