Spring Event "Color Seduction"

Posted on August 23, 2013

How does a hair salon in NY celebrate Spring? With temperatures in the 40’s, April has felt more like winter than like spring, but today it’s reaching into the 70s (FINALLY) a sign that warmer days are ahead. On the other hand, TwoDo kicked off an event "Spring Seduction" where color and hair styles weren’t just warm, THEY WERE HOT! Here's what happened.

When Bianca arrived, she already had some red in her hair and she wanted to enhance it rather than play it down, so she was open to Megan's idea to go super vibrant.

Megan pumped up Bianca's red by using variations of vibrant berry red shades --raspberry, strawberry and pomegranate-- utilizing several hair techniques including color blocking, a process that involves applying several variations of color to large slices of hair in a block pattern. TwoDo stylist Chi, finished her off with soft, waves and curls.

Ella showed up with mostly natural, dark brown hair. She wanted to change her look, but wanted to remain low maintenance. Megan chose a new variation on ombre coloring that’s subtler and has less contrast so it requires less upkeep. To achieve the look she added highlights of red and mango brown and lightened her ends to a honey butterscotch tone. TwoDo stylists gave Ella an easy-going tousled look.