Little by little, one travels far

A Great West Side Story

Sweet Beginnings...

You could say that TwoDo Salon is the "love child" of master hair colorist Megan Gordon and NY entrepreneur Kevin Gordon. Married in the UN Chapel on November 20th 1993 (they had the same last name) their business relationship was consummated when Megan signed the lease and sent it to NY by fax on their honeymoon from Anguilla. Megan was so excited, she did hair color for a friend on St.Croix.

Back in NY and with the help of Kevin's friends from Williamsburg Brooklyn, TwoDo Salon opened it's doors in Januray 1994 as a cozy hideaway for a private, loyal group of Megan Gordon's hair color clients. By combining a relaxed artsy decor with passionate attention to details, the salon quickly earned a reputation for being an original, and for providing expert hair services in an atmosphere that was upscale yet down to earth.

In October '94 Allure Magazine named Megan Gordon one of the most talented hair colorists in the country. She was one of the youngest colorists to received the honor. 

Allure TwoDo Salon Megan Gordon most talented hair colorist
Megan's hair color techniques are legendary

In March '95, American Salon Magazine featured TwoDo in an article writing, "vive la différence: In New York's crowded field of salons, TwoDo pulls away from the pack."  

American Salon TwoDo vive la difference
NY Upper West Side's Original Boutique Salon
Fast forward...

More than 25 later, we're proud to still be here, committed to our clients, grateful for all we have and devoted to our community. We have an amazing, dedicated team and Megan, (mom to 2 beautiful, grown musician daughters) understands the stages women go through with their hair now more than ever. She has also become an expert in hair extensions, adding perfectly blended volume to thinning hair. 

Today, Megan Gordon's easy-going, professional style, her intuitive sense of color and her precise knowledge in the art and science of hair coloring and hair extensions is legendary.

Voted Best Haircut on Citysearch. Featured in Vogue, Allure and Paper.